Update 05/07/2019 - 02:15PM (UTC+1) - We identified an issue within the automatic payouts. This issue was starting on 3th July and was completed a moment ago. The payouts were significantly delayed during this time. Stratum servers were fine while this. However, there is still an issue open regarding slow page loading on minerclaim. We are watching into this, this is a more complex topic.

Available Stratum Servers:

Coin Magi Icon xmg.minerclaim.net:3333 Difficulty: Variable (default)
Coin Magi Icon xmg.minerclaim.net:7008 Difficulty: Low (for slower computers)
Block Statistics
ID 5,950,077 Height 2,296,420 Amount 1 Confirmations 512 left
Difficulty 3.53251513 Time 2019-07-17 11:49:37 Shares 0 Finder unknown
Round Shares
Rank User Name Valid Invalid Invalid %
Round Transactions
User Name Type Round Shares Round % Amount