Update 03/02 03:15PM (UTC+1) - We are currently looking into the out of sync issues with our hot wallets. Stratum servers stopped for this moment and will be back online in a few hours.
Update 10/15 08:00PM (UTC+1) - We would like to clarify that we do not plan to close minerclaim even if bittrex should delist this currency from trading. We will keep our operations running.

Available Stratum Servers:

Coin Magi Icon xmg.minerclaim.net:3333 Difficulty: Variable (default)
Coin Magi Icon xmg.minerclaim.net:7008 Difficulty: Low (for slower computers)
Block Statistics
ID 2,762,004 Height 2,173,335 Amount 2 Confirmations 519 left
Difficulty 3.50103141 Time 2019-03-24 19:58:31 Shares 0 Finder unknown
Round Shares
Rank User Name Valid Invalid Invalid %
Round Transactions
User Name Type Round Shares Round % Amount