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Update: 01/08 01:00AM (UTC+1) - Maintenance complete. We apologize for the downtime in the last few hours, our database was damaged due to the fork. At this point we would like to thank ex33s for the hours he spent with us in reconstructing the database and to limit the damage. At the same time, we have used the time to make some improvements and added a second stratum server for better performance on slower computers. We got a lot of emails while the last days. Please allow us some time to answer them. Nice to see you all again.
Update: 01/06 07:45AM (UTC+1) - Identified an issue on block #1606986 that we can't fix on pool side. This is a blockchain issue. Coin Magi developers are currently working on a fix at that moment.
Update: 01/06 06:30AM (UTC+1) - We are working on fixing the wallet issues on server side.
Update: 01/06 04:00AM (UTC+1) - We will pass block #1606950 within the next hour. Stay stuned. We plan to start our stratum servers in a few moments!

Available Stratum Servers:

Coin Magi Icon Difficulty: Variable (default)
Coin Magi Icon Difficulty: Low (for slower computers)
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