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Update: 09/20 11:15PM (UTC+2) - New stratum servers are already in testing mode, we will release them as soon as possible!
Update: 09/19 11:30PM (UTC+2) - Bittrex Exchange opened their wallets for trading Coin Magi a few minutes ago. Happy trading! :-)
Update: 09/18 12:30PM (UTC+2) - We have increased our database capacity due the higher server load.
Update: 09/17 03:00PM (UTC+2) - For information about current PoW / PoS: m-wallet version v1.4.4.1 - PoW / PoS block generation rule
- block 1481500: PoW / PoS block generation rule, and also exit point of the maintenance mode
- block 1482000: difficulty adjustment algorithm switch
Update: 09/15 11:30AM (UTC+2) - minerclaim hot server wallet updated to
Welcome to!
posted 06/30/2015 18:53:27

Welcome to our XMG Mining Pool

How to start?

1. Register here
2. Click on My Account -> My Worker -> Create a Worker
3. Download your favorite mining software like Sweetspot
4. Type in our pool address: and your worker
5. Click on "Start Miner"

More detailed guide can be found here: Getting Started