Update 11/09 11:15PM (UTC+1) - The connection problems that occurred in the last hours should be fixed now. We apologize for the instabilities.
Update 10/15 08:00PM (UTC+1) - We would like to clarify that we do not plan to close minerclaim even if bittrex should delist this currency from trading. We will keep our operations running.

Available Stratum Servers:

Coin Magi Icon xmg.minerclaim.net:3333 Difficulty: Variable (default)
Coin Magi Icon xmg.minerclaim.net:7008 Difficulty: Low (for slower computers)
Welcome to minerclaim.net!
posted 06/30/2015 18:53:27

Welcome to our Coin Magi / XMG Mining Pool

How to start?

1. Register here
3. Download a Miner from here: http://m-core.org/resources/mining.html
4. Type in our pool address: xmg.minerclaim.net:3333 and your worker information
5. Start your Miner.

More detailed guide can be found here: Getting Started